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Real Action Hero - RAH Figures
The finest crafted 12 inch figures in the world
All in limited edition

Kubrick Figures
The most collectable & rare designer toys
All in limited edition

Bearbrick Figures
The best rare designer toys from Japan
All in limited edition

Vinyl Collectable Doll - VCD
The best quality rare vinyl collectables in the world
All in limited edition

Other 12 inch Figures
The most desirable and rare 12 inch figures
All in limited edition

Gundam Figures
The finest robot figures ever made
All in limited edition

Please note:
This is a rare toy collection blog, including only the finest limited edition toys and 12 inch figures - Please browse the full collection and see what the current value is on ebay. These are rare toys and they're value goes up fequently. As a collector you should always try to buy these toys as early as possible to avoid paying too much for them in future.

The items presented on this website represent only toys that are chosen independently to be shown here on the Medicom Collectors Toy Store website. All images are the property of the respectful toy owners and are not allowed to be used elsewhere without the consent of the copyright owner. This website is produced in partnership with YesAsia and ebay.

Please enjoy the collection.

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